Send Automated SMS Notifications from DNN with Clickatell in No Time

Enter the ‘golden age’ for business communications with DNN Clickatell Add-on! Deliver business messages with information, tips, coupons, alerts, rewards and so on straight to the phones in your customers' pockets!

In order to use the Clickatell gateway you need a Clickatell account and at least one registered connection (API sub-product instance) between your application and the Clickatell gateway. Each connection method is known as a sub-product.

Send Bulk
This option allows you to put your SMS text message in all your customers' pockets in a heartbeat.

SMS Length Flexibility
With DNN Clickatell Add-on, as admin you have options to handle large messages and set limits for SMS text messages that can be sent.

SMS Arrive…Instantly
Forget email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into your DNN portal. When a SMS is sent, it arrives in seconds.

Conditional Action
You can write a condition that will determine at submit time whether the Send SMS through Clickatell action will get executed or not.

Complex Workflows
DNN Clickatell Add-on can send SMS text messages to your customers automatically, in complex workflows.

Contact Form
If you need a simple contact form for your Clickatell account, then DNN Clickatell Add-on is your ticket.

Yep, It’s Responsive
DNN Clickatell's got your back. The template available is responsive which means it will self-adapt to the device your visitor is using.

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